Wilmont 1903 - This photo of Wilmont was taken in 1903 from the southeast.  Wilmont was only 3 years old.  The three houses on the left are on the west side of Third Avenue and are still there.   The first house on Fourth Avenue (main street) was where the nuns lived after Wilmont had a Catholic school.  It was moved to Fulda when the sister house made of brick was built.  North of this house is the steeple of the Presbyterian Church.  Behind this same house, to the west, is a barn which was not uncommon in small early towns.  Toward the right, still on main street, is the long, two-story gray building, erected by Scholtes’s.  The next building is the two-story First National Bank building.  In the distance there are a number of buildings in the center of the picture along First Avenue   ( a couple of homes are still located here). Only small groves are visible in the background 

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