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KRUGER PAINTING                                                                                             LEINEN CABINETS & FURNITURE (Ken Leinen)
Ellsworth, MN                                                                                                      Lismore, MN
Phone 507-967-2496                                                                                          Phone:  507-472-8229
Cell phone 712-470-5711                                                                                   Cell Phone:  507-920-8649
Exterior & Interior Painting, water blasting, taping, texturing,                         Custom-built kitchen & bathroom cabinets & countertop
wallpaper & wood refinishing & more!                                                                New Construction or Remodeling - Specialized Furniture Construction

STATE BANK OF LISMORE                                                                                  DUANE'S ELECTRIC (Duane Burkard)                                                                            Wilmont, MN
507-472-8221                                                                                                     Phone:  507-926-5341
M-F 8:30-3 p.m.                                                                                                 Commercial, Residential and Farm- New or Remodeled


                                                                                                                         Schuett Body Shop
                                                                                                                           Under the Water Tower, Wilmont, MN                         
LEES LOCKER                                                                                                    Phone:  926-5210 or cell 360-1607
Lismore, MN                                                                                                       Body Shop needs, windshields and more
Custom butchering, meat bundles, groceries
Phone:  507-472-8525 Cell 507-360-0237

VELD LUMBER                                                                                                     UNITED PRAIRIE INSURANCE AGENCY
Lismore, MN                                                                                                       Wilmont, MN
Phone:  507-472-8224                                                                                       Phone:  507-926-0017
Steel siding, paint, windows, lumber, livestock panels                                      For all types of insurance including auto, home, crop, health and more

ADRIAN FUNERAL HOME                                                                                    WILMONT OIL CO
Adrian, MN                                                                                                          405 Fourth Ave
Phone:  507-483-2700                                                                                        Wilmont, MN
                                                                                                                             Bulk Delivery for Farm & Home, Auto Maintenance & Tire Sales & Repair
MURRAY COUNTY MEDICAL CENTER                                                                  Phone:  Shop 926-5965
2042 Juniper Ave
Slayton, MN 56172                                                                                              LISMORE COOP TELEPHONE COMPANY
Business Office: 507-836-6111                                                                           230 S 3rd St.
Murray County Clinic Slayton:  507-836-6153                                                     Lismore, MN 
Murray County Clinic Fulda: 507-425-2300                                                          507-472-8748
Outreach Services: 507-836-1227                                                                      Verizon, WildBlue, DirectTV Agent

SLATER CONSTRUCTION                                                                                  DINGMANN FUNERAL HOME & CREMATION SERVICES
PO Box 136                                                                                                       Wilmont & Worthington - 507-372-4250                                                      
Wilmont, MN 56185                                                                                            Adrian - 507-483-2761  Luverne 507-283-4567
Michael Phone:  507-360-2310                                                                 
Thomas:  507-360-6179
Web site:

JOENS WOODWORKING                                                                                    WILMONT HARDWARE
Isaac Joens                                                                                                        Downtown Wilmont
710 4th Ave                                                                                                       507-926-5905
Wilmont, MN                                                                                                       Farm Supplies, Construction Tools, Fishing & Hunting Licenses
Shop Phone:  507-926-5957                                                                              Fishing & Hunting Supplies   - They have everything!
Home Phone:  507-926-5424
Cell:  507-360-4793

UNITED PRAIRIE BANK                                                                                      JUDY COWAN MACHINE QUILTING
Wilmont, MN                                                                                                       Baby blankets also for sale
507-926-5155                                                                                                     507-926-0072

The Gift Galore Store                                                                                        Slocum's Tru-Life Taxidermy                                                                            27150 200th St.
Susan Noerenberg                                                                                            Reading, MN 56165
Worthington, MN